About Me

Science has shown that our minds can control the thoughts that shape the way in how we experience and enjoy the world. A healthy mind is important to achieve wellbeing. Hypnotherapy may be considered to be a type of ‘yoga for the mind’ where negative thoughts and habits are cast out and replaced with thoughts that are helpful in moving us forward to achieve our goals and dreams.

Alongside my extensive academic background, most of my life has been spent immersed in different cultures whose life philosophies’ differ markedly from our own. I have observed that the happiest, healthiest and most successful people are those that have learned to use their minds to positively influence their thoughts and emotional state of being.

My passion for hypnotherapy was fueled following the development of chronic pain resulting from a serious injury. The use of hypnotherapy enabled me to control the pain rather than the pain control me – it transformed my life in many unexpected ways! Being very aware of the wide reaching impacts that an injury can have on one’s life I was amazed at how the process seemed to practically ‘melt’ away all of the impacts. As a Research Scientist and Social Worker I was intrigued with the process and this fascination continues to grow daily as I witness the incredible changes in peoples lives.

Within my clinic I offer each person not only my skills as a clinical therapist, but also my skills and considerable experience obtained from my strong psychology and social work background. My professionalism and confidentiality is guaranteed!  I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy MNCH (Int.) and a Member of the ANZASW.

My aim is to assist others in unlocking the powerful tools that lie within them, thus enabling them to live the life that they feel is right for them. Given my dedication with working alongside others to help them achieve the happiness that they seek and my passion for learning you will find my website is regularly updated with new techniques that I can offer. My most recent addition is an amazing weight loss package in which clinical trials are currently showing a very high success rate! For further information please go to ‘Weight Loss – The Virtual Gastric Band.

Given my passion for hypnotherapy and all that it offers, I am happy to give talks to community groups and organizations.