Why Hypnotherapy  – Can It Help Me?

The short answer is YES.

Hypnotherapy is recognized as an effective way of resolving a wide range of emotional and psychological problems.  It is regarded as a powerful healing technique and is a safe and gentle way to treat a wide range of issues that may be impacting on your quality of life.

It uses no medication therefore you will not suffer from any side effects. Instead it harnesses the power of your own mind to promote healing and change.

Hypnotherapy  is simple, fun to learn, doesn’t cost the ‘earth’ and can make an amazing difference to our lives.

If you are ready to move forward and achieve the results, contact me now, and you will find me to be a caring professional. I come equipped with the expertise to help you and a reassuring, friendly manner that will put you at ease.

What Is The Difference Between Hypnosis And Guided Imagery Therapy And How Does It Work?
Hypnosis (hypnotic trance) is an altered state of consciousness induced by the focusing of attention and imagination on suggestions and ideas – often used by stage hypnotists in the entertainment industry.  However, a hypnotic trance is also often artificially created by hypnotherapists as a part of the induction process.  It allows the subconscious mind to move into a heightened state of awareness and to accept positive suggestions and behaviors to replace the limiting beliefs that may underlie unhelpful behaviors.

Reprogramming is a very gentle process and takes place at a deep level.  It may be regarded as a psychological tool where the conscious thought processes are calmed and distracted.  The hypnotherapists role is one of a ‘facilitator’ where individuals follow a set of simple instructions and enter into a trance state in their own time.  No one can be forced into hypnosis.

Guided Imagery is very similar to hypnosis, in that both may induce states of trance, or deep relaxation.  In practice, there is so much overlap between hypnotherapy and guided imagery that it is almost impossible to make a distinction.  If one were to observe a guided imagery session without being aware that it was a guided imagery session he/she would find it very difficult to say whether it was guided imagery or hypnosis; and vice versa.

How Is A Hypnotic Trance Induced?
Methods are varied and may include relaxation techniques with a focus on breathing, or visualization methods that focus on an object, or on my, or your own internally created visions.  In my sessions I will use the spoken voice and your imagination to achieve an altered state of awareness. This may include word repetition and changes in tone and tempo and is designed to slow down the brainwaves so that a therapeutic state can be achieved.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?
You may be surprised to know that it is a very natural and common state that everybody drifts in and out of throughout the day. What takes place in a session is equally as normal, non-magical and has predictable results. It may feel similar to times when you have found yourself concentrating intently on something such as an enjoyable piece of music, an interesting movie, book or when daydreaming. During these times your attention is completely captured as your mind carries you off into a therapeutic and relaxed state; if someone starts talking to you, you are aware of their presence and what they are saying, but it may become too difficult to respond.

We have all experienced this, particularly when we are on the point of drifting off or awakening from sleep. Throughout, you will be awake and fully in control. In fact your senses and concentration may be heightened. Individual experiences often vary. One person may notice a feeling of heaviness whilst another may feel light and ‘floaty.’ There may be a slight tingling sensation in various parts of the body, or a feeling of numbness or disconnection from the body. Others may experience time distortion where one hour may feel like a couple of minutes and/or see a kaleidoscope of colors. Yet others may experience a deep feeling of calmness and relaxation similar to being in a daydream. All of these experiences are relaxing, healing and positive.

The success of hypnotherapy lies alongside commitment to change. Almost everybody can benefit from hypnotherapy (adults and children) if they are willing and allow themselves to relax, learn and enjoy the process.